Marcus Autism Center welcomes Lynn Perez

Marcus Autism Center is excited to welcome Lynn Perez as Vice President of Operations. In her new role, Perez will oversee the human, fiscal and capital resources of the center. “Lynn has all the attributes of a bold leader, capable of aggressively advancing our mission forward,” said Dr. Ami Klin, Director of Marcus Autism Center. “Together, we will capitalize on our innovative science to continue and generate community-viable solutions for challenges faced by children with autism and their families in Georgia and nationally.”

Fall Festivities

Fall is in the air. With Halloween and Thanksgiving around the corner, helping your child manage the abundance of excitement and food during the holidays takes some planning. Learn more with our helpful tips for your family this season. 

Marcus Autism Center Participates in Congressional Briefing
Center Participates in Congressional Briefing

Marcus Autism Center was invited to participate in a Congressional briefing on early intervention for autism spectrum disorder in Washington, DC on Tuesday, October 27. Dr. Jennifer Stapel-Wax, Director of Infant and Toddler Clinical Research Operations for Marcus Autism Center, was one of two speakers at the briefing.

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