This treatment study will give your child access to an intervention that may be able to help with moderate language delays.

Many children with autism have difficulties with language and communication. This study will test if an intervention called Direct Instruction-Language for Learning (DI-LL) helps children with moderate language delays.

Who can participate?

Your child may be eligible if he or she:

  • Is 4 to 7 years old.
  • Has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis.
  • Has moderate language delay on a language test.
  • Is enrolled in a consistent educational program.
  • Is not on any medication or has been on stable medication for the past 6 weeks with no planned changes during the study.
  • Can come to Marcus Autism Center for two appointments a week for 24 weeks.

What will my family be asked to do?

As part of the study, you and your child will come to Marcus Autism Center for two initial visits. These visits will include common tests of your child’s behavior, language skills and diagnosis. Children with autism and language delay who fit the study will be randomly assigned to start DI-LL either right away or after a 24-week waiting period.

All children in the study will be allowed to continue current treatments, like speech therapy. We ask that children not start any new treatments during the study.

How much time will the study take?

The language intervention (DI-LL) involves 2 therapy visits a week for 24 weeks. Children in both groups will come to Marcus Autism Center once a month for assessments of language and behavior.

What will I receive for participating?

Children will have the opportunity, during the study or after the study, to receive DI-LL, which may improve language delays.

Children in both groups will receive $25 for each of the 8 assessment visits, for a total amount of up to $200.

Sign up now

Email us or call 404-785-9345 and say that you’re interested in the Direct Intervention Language Study.