Learn how to tackle the task of finding quality childcare for your child with autism.

Since many children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) require caregivers who have a specific understanding of their conditions and unique needs, it can be difficult to choose childcare that’s right for your child.

We understand the difficulties that this puts families in and the concerns associated with finding quality child care. Remember, you know what’s best for your child. Never put your child in a situation you’re uncomfortable with.

Tips for hiring a childcare provider

  • Carefully check references. Ideally you should have a thorough background check on any childcare provider. If you have any hesitation, do not hire that provider.
  • Reach out to other autism families through social media groups or local support groups and ask for recommendations.
  • Pay for a trial run before committing to future services. Have the childcare provider spend two or three days in your family's usual routine to observe how the childcare provider interacts with your child, sets limits and handles stressful situations.

For Georgia families

Quality Care for Children (QCC) is Georgia’s source for parents looking for quality child care throughout the state. Their mission is to ensure Georgia’s infants and young children are nurtured and educated when they are not in the care of their parents.

QCC oversees ALL-GA-KIDS, which is a statewide data base of all licensed child care centers, registered family daycare providers, before and after school programs, Georgia lottery funded Pre-K programs and summer camp programs.

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