Seth Clark, MA, BCBA

Seth Clark headshot

Behavioral Clinical Practitioner

Seth Clark, MA, BCBA, has more than 12 years of experience in the assessment, management and treatment of severe problem behavior. As a part of the Complex Behavior Support Program team, he currently oversees the Marcus Crisis Prevention Program (MCPP) and is the co-creator of the MCPP system. The goal of MCPP is to provide quality training that focuses on training teachers, staff, providers and clinicians on how to safely de-escalate and manage individuals when they become aggressive or destructive. Seth has trained staff on MCPP techniques across the United States as well as in Australia, Kazakhstan and South Korea. Moreover, Seth has extensive experience training medical and nursing staff on crisis prevention and management techniques.

Seth also has in-depth knowledge and experience in the assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior. Seth received his master's degree in applied behavior analysis from University of Maryland, Baltimore County, while also working at the Kennedy Krieger Institute Neurobehavioral Unit. After finishing his degree, Seth worked as a case manager in the Complex Behavior Support Program at Marcus Autism Center. The Complex Behavior Support Program is specifically tailored for the assessment and treatment of severe destructive behaviors like self-injury, aggression, property destruction and other dangerous behaviors. The program treats some of the most complex problem behaviors in the state of Georgia. During his time in the Complex Behavior Support Program, Seth oversaw a wide variety of complex and challenging cases. He also served as a behavior consultant to schools, hospitals, and community-based providers that work with individuals who exhibit severe problem behavior.

Seth’s current research focuses on the refinement of teaching methods to reduce crisis behavior. He also has conducted research on the assessment and treatment of severe maladaptive behavior, primarily in children with autism.


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