Meet the Chapmans
Thanks to support from Tom and Karen Chapman, the Care Coordination Program can provide services to support patients and their families.

Tom and Karen Chapman Care Coordination Services are an integral part of Marcus Autism Center’s mission to better serve families as they navigate the world of autism.

“My care coordinator went above and beyond for my family. She anticipated my needs and offered support in areas that were uncomfortable to talk about, making me feel heard and special.”

This is just one of many gracious messages the staff at Marcus Autism Center is getting used to hearing thanks to support from Tom and Karen Chapman.

The couple first became familiar with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) when their grandson was diagnosed with the neurodevelopmental disorder, learning the challenges faced by parents when their child is diagnosed with a potentially devastating and lifelong condition.

They became involved in 2012 when they toured Marcus Autism Center to learn more and eventually established the Tom and Karen Chapman Care Coordination Services dedicated to helping Marcus Autism Center patients and families navigate their healthcare experience in the world of autism.

Bernie Marcus, the center’s founder, expressed gratitude for the Chapmans’ amazing support. “It is such a great thing to see someone who is so successful in life give back to such a great cause,” Marcus said. “Autism is a huge need and Mr. Chapman is funding a vital transformation at Marcus Autism Center. His generosity will touch thousands of lives in a short amount of time.”

The Care Coordination Program offers:

  • A consistent, supportive person to assist families in navigating complex systems of care.
  • Links to local service providers for therapies and services.
  • Emotional support and stress management tools.
  • Resources from and referrals to community programs for family support.
  • Educational programs for families raising children with autism.

Some of the unique resources available through care coordination include working with Flip, the center’s facility dog, day and sleepaway camps, and a training program for graduate students in social work and related disciplines.

“The Marcus Autism Center would not be as supportive of children, their parents and grandparents, if it were not for our care coordination services,” says Ami Klin, PhD, Director, Marcus Autism Center. “By far, this is the single, most cherished support service we provide to our community.”

“Their vision and friendship have been transformative,” Dr. Klin concludes. “Marcus would simply not have the positive impact on families we all aspire to have without Tom and Karen Chapman’s support of our Care coordination program. And for that, we all thank you, every day, with every family we serve.”