The right fit for the Omolodun family

Every parent knows that finding the right child care is no easy task. The ideal balance of quality, convenience and cost is different for each family, and there are countless other factors that play into the choice. For Bunmi Omolodun, it took a couple of tries to find the right fit.

The first day care she enrolled her son in was unstructured and chaotic. The second, a mother’s morning out program, left him overstimulated and worn out. The third—Louise and Brett Samsky Preschool—turned out to be just right for both her son, Koyede, age 4, and his little sister, Tomi, age 2. 

“Their classrooms are so inviting. They have beautiful colors, and they have different play areas with carpets with alphabets and trains,” Bunmi says. “They have little areas where they get to do dance or play with blocks, so the kids actually get to explore the classroom and the different activities.” 

Louise and Brett Samsky Preschool also offers a unique opportunity for close contact with highly trained teachers and early childhood researchers. Bunmi receives regular feedback on both of her children through a day care app and regular meetings with their teachers. She particularly likes the level of individual attention focused on each child in the program. 

As a parent of both a typically developing child and a child with autism, Bunmi sees the benefit of this inclusive child care program from both sides. Koyede began at Louise and Brett Samsky Preschool when he had just turned 3 and had just been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Tomi, two years younger and typically developing, joined the 2-year-old classroom as soon as she was eligible. 

Bunmi notes that even she can’t tell which children in their classes are typically developing and which are not. Like young children in most social settings, Koyede and Tomi are learning to share, to help and play with others, and to take in the world using all of their senses. 

But the Louise and Brett Samsky Preschool is giving Tomi an even more valuable lesson: 

“I think more than academics and smarts, to be able to instill in your child from a really young age to be kind to people who are different from her, treat them as equals and not think there is anything ‘less than’ with those children, is so important,” Bunmi says. “The other kids in the class are just like her, they just learn a little differently. And for her to get the opportunity to learn that starting at age 2 will set her up for a lifetime of compassion."

Join the Omoloduns and enroll your child in the Louise and Brett Samsky Preschool today.