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Care and Services
Marcus Autism Center offers assessment, clinical care, treatment and support for kids with autism. Learn more about our services.
Marcus Autism Center’s resources can help you learn more about autism and get better treatments and support for your child.
Get Involved
Learn why your support for Marcus Autism Center’s research and treatment is vital to the future of autism care and how we couldn’t do our work without our generous donors.
Assessment and Diagnosis
At Marcus Autism Center, our commitment to your child and family begins with testing. Our diagnostic evaluations help to determine whether or not children meet criteria for autism, using the highest standard of care in diagnostic assessment.
Severe Behavior Program
Marcus Autism Center sees children with autism who have challenging behavior problems. We can help your child improve behavior issues in a compassionate environment.
Language and Learning
Our program provides care and treatment to children with developmental delays related to language and communication. Learn how we meet the unique needs of each child we treat.
Family Support and Care Coordination
Marcus Autism Center works to support our patients and their families by helping them find and access services and resources.
Medical Services
Learn how Marcus Autism Center supports children with autism who have a related or coexisting medical or psychiatric issue. Our team provides expert care in a compassionate environment.
Meet the Research Team
The research team at Marcus Autism Center is comprised of international leaders in autism research, treatment and support.
Educational Programs
Marcus Autism Center offers educational trainings for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral candidates. Learn why our center is the best place to get hands-on experience in caring for kids with autism.