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Learning Opportunities in Nature
Children with autism gain important skills and learn how to care for their environment when they explore nature. Learn more from Marcus Autism Center.ount
Eating Habits: When to Worry
Eating problems are common in kids, especially those with autism. Learn which eating problems are associated with autism and how to ensure your child gets proper nutrition.
Playing Outside
Outdoor play is important for a the development of a child with autism. Marcus Autism Center shares tips to make sure your child plays safely outside.
Promoting Healthy Eating
Children with autism often eat in ways that lead to weight gain and poor nutrition. Follow these guidelines to help your child enjoy meals and get the nutrition she needs.
Swimming Safety
Swimming is part of summer—as long as you make safety a priority. Follow these tips to help your child with autism stay safe while playing in or around water.
Tips for Dining Out
Restaurant meals can be difficult with kids. But there are ways you can encourage good manners and prevent problem behaviors when you’re out to eat as a family.
Maintaining Skills Over the Summer
Summer days can be stressful for kids with autism, who often thrive on structure and predictability. These strategies for continued learning and engagement can help.
Managing Screen Time
Early interventions can make a big difference for children with autism. These developmental milestones can help you know if you should talk to your child’s pediatrician.
Helping Kids With Autism Stay Active
Children with autism often prefer solitary activities that keep them from being active. Use these strategies to help your child get more exercise and stay healthy.