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Leading the country in autism research
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has renewed the designation of Marcus Autism Center as a national Autism Center of Excellence (ACE), with funding from 2017 to 2022. The ACE designation supports large-scale multidisciplinary studies on autism spectrum disorder (ASD), with the goal of identifying causes and best treatments for autism.
FOX5 Atlanta: Travel Tips
While sometimes exciting and fun, travel can disrupt a child’s routine. This can be especially difficult for a child who has autism. FOX5 speaks with a patient family and expert from Marcus Autism Center to share their tips on how parents can help their child travel.(June 2019)
New York Times: Study of how we look at faces may offer insight into autism
Researchers studied where toddlers focused their eyes when watching a video in order to find the genetic underpinnings of brain development and autism.
WSB-TV: New research could lead to earlier detection of autism
Researchers in Atlanta are sharing what is being seen as a breakthrough in the early detection of autism.
TODAY: Likely Friendships
Special photography project shows that all sorts of children can be helped to socialize and communicate more successfully. (April 2019)
FOX5 Atlanta: Teen Intern at Marcus Autism Center
Right out of the gate, it is pretty clear Matthew Plunk isn't your average high school intern.The Wesleyan School senior from Peachtree Corners, Georgia, is doing graduate-school level phonetic transcription of audio recordings of babies and infants communicating with their caregivers. Oh, and it's all in French.(May 2019)
$25 Million Grant from The Marcus Foundation
Marcus Autism Center received a $25 million grant from The Marcus Foundation to support autism research and the expansion of its Feeding Program.
Knowable Magazine: The quest for autism’s causes, and what it reveals about all of us
As alarm grew over autism prevalence at the turn of this century, there was much public talk of a growing “epidemic.” That language has since softened, and it is now clear that many autistic people were there all along, their condition unrecognized until relatively recently.
WSB-TV: Backpacks become tools for children on autism spectrum
For some kids with autism, a survival kit of comfort items helps control the chaos and make life easier to navigate.
FOX5 Atlanta: Parents may miss early signs of autism
FOX5 Atlanta shares Dani and Piper's story and how life-changing early intervention can be. (Dec. 2018)