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Huffington Post: This is Autism
In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Marcus Autism Center created “This Is Autism,” a beautiful photo series highlighting a group of children who frequently visit the center. (April 20, 2017)
FOX5 Atlanta: Parents may miss early signs of autism
FOX5 Atlanta shares Dani and Piper's story and how life-changing early intervention can be. (Dec. 2018)
Autism News
WSB-TV: Family celebrates 10-year-old's ability to eat Autism News
After struggling since he was only 16 months old, Seth and his family understand the significance of the Multidisciplinary Feeding Program.
$25 Million Grant from The Marcus Foundation
Marcus Autism Center received a $25 million grant from The Marcus Foundation to support autism research and the expansion of its Feeding Program.
FOX5 Atlanta: Travel Tips
While sometimes exciting and fun, travel can disrupt a child’s routine. This can be especially difficult for a child who has autism. FOX5 speaks with a patient family and expert from Marcus Autism Center to share their tips on how parents can help their child travel.(June 2019)
TODAY: Likely Friendships
Special photography project shows that all sorts of children can be helped to socialize and communicate more successfully. (April 2019)
Feeding Program at Childrens Provides Evidence-Based Intervention
After an intensive, multidisciplinary intervention, seven in 10 patients no longer needed a feeding tube
Autism News
AJC: How Marcus Autism Center is transforming lives today and for the future Autism News
For children and families affected by autism, connecting with Marcus Autism Center in Atlanta can be life-changing. Whether it's the services provided or the staff’s undying support, the Center makes a difference today and is also working to improve the lives of children with autism in the future.
WSB TV: Marcus Autism Center gives pre-school children a head start on learning
The Preschool Program, now offering Georgia Pre-K, is a collaboration of Marcus Autism Center, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Emory University. We operate as both a school and a place of research on preschool education. Because of this unique relationship, our program continuously creates new and better ways of supporting families and meeting the learning needs of all children.
New York Times: Study of how we look at faces may offer insight into autism
Researchers studied where toddlers focused their eyes when watching a video in order to find the genetic underpinnings of brain development and autism.