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Autism Story
Meet Allen Ecker Autism Story
Allen Ecker’s expertise in technology—and his family’s gifts—support advanced therapies at Marcus Autism Center. His own grandson was his inspiration.
Autism Story
Meet Marcia Taylor Autism Story
Marica Taylor and her daughter, Lynette Mathis, were inspired by a tour of Marcus Autism Center. Their Taylor Family Foundation helps support the valuable work at Marcus.
Autism Story
Meet OCharleys Autism Story
Learn why and how businesses, like O’Charley’s are supporting Marcus Autism Center’s work to help kids with autism reach their full potential.
Marcus autism boy curtis with parents
Meet Curtis Marcus autism boy curtis with parents
After not reaching some key developmental milestones, the Bell family had their son, Curtis, screened for autism. Once they received a diagnosis, they began their journey with the Marcus Autism Center’s language learning clinic, toilet training program and the feeding program.
Marcus autism teen, Connor, on bridge
Meet Connor Marcus autism teen, Connor, on bridge
Connor Samsky was so smart, even as a toddler, that is parents didn’t see his signs of autism. Today, thanks to Marcus Autism Center. Connor is a happy, independent teenager.
Autism Story
Meet Quinn Autism Story
Quinn’s father noticed some developmental differences in his daughter when she was just 6 months old, but he never thought she would be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
Autism Story
Meet Wesley Autism Story
Each person with autism is different, with strengths as well as challenges. Wesley’s mom understands the vast potential that can be unleashed with the right autism treatment.
Marcus autism boy ordering food
Meet Isaac Marcus autism boy ordering food
Before he could talk he knew how to spell. Learn how Marcus Autism Center helped Isaac learn to speak and connect with his family.