Infant Toddler Community Outreach Lab

Through community-based research, this lab provides effective autism screening and coaches professionals in the community how to detect autism and appropriately intervene.

Led by Jennifer Stapel-Wax, PsyD, the Infant Toddler Community Outreach (ITCO) Lab uses community-based research to study children from birth to age 3. The ITCO team focuses on community engagement, viability, feasibility and sustainability as it relates to early screening, detection and implementation of interventions in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). By collaborating with various labs and investigators, the goal of the research is to provide effective, universal ASD screening, coach professionals in the community using scientifically based methods and contribute to a collective impact for all children and their families.

Contact information

Email or call 404-785-7600.

Faculty members

Ami Klin, PhD

Jennifer Stapel-Wax, PsyD