Through community-based research, this lab provides effective autism screening and coaches professionals in the community on how to detect autism and appropriately intervene with young children and their parents and caregivers

We know we can't see every child who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at our center. That’s why we've created outreach programs that train teachers, school leadership, doctors and families on how to care for kids with autism in their own communities.

Infant Toddler Community Outreach Program

The Marcus Autism Center Infant Toddler Community Outreach Program helps communities and providers better screen for and detect autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and provides supports and services to infants and toddlers who are at risk for autism. Early detection and intervention are crucial and can change the course of a child’s life. By empowering staff working directly in homes, day cares, schools, medical offices, and any other early childhood settings, we will give all children the chance they need to maximize their potential.

Our community-viable coaching and training model for providers bridges the gap between science and community practice. We work to empower early childhood and Part C providers with the knowledge and skills needed to coach caregivers on supports and strategies to enhance their child’s early communication skills and social development.

Infant Toddler Community Outreach Lab

Led by Jennifer Stapel-Wax, PsyD, the Infant Toddler Community Outreach (ITCO) Lab uses community-based research to study children from birth to age 3. The ITCO team focuses on community engagement, viability, feasibility and sustainability as it relates to early screening, detection and implementation of interventions in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). By collaborating with various labs and investigators, the goal of the research is to provide effective, universal ASD screening, coach professionals in the community using scientifically based methods and contribute to a collective impact for all children and their families.

Director and primary contact
Jennifer L Stapel-Wax, PsyD

Ami Klin, PhD
Katherine Pickard, PhD

Community Interventionist
Naima Bond, M.Ed.

Developmental Research Interventionists
Camille Woodard, MS RBT
Sandra Reed

Project and Research Coordination
Eileen Kaiser, M.Ed, CCRP