RUBI Parent Training Program
Support for parents of kids who engage in challenging behaviors

We provide a caregiver training program that helps parents identify strategies to improve their child's behaviors that are currently interfering with the child's quality of life

What is the purpose of the RUBI Program?

This program works with caregivers to find a treatment for behaviors targeted for reduction (meltdowns, hitting, kicking, screaming, running away). Each week, a new strategy is introduced and the therapist will coach the parent on how that strategy can best be used to meet treatment goals. The caregiver is working directly with their child and the therapist is coaching them through different treatment strategies.

Is my child a good fit for this program?

RUBI is best for children whose caregivers want to find ways to help with their child's behavior in the home or when they are with their child out in the community. Caregivers are actively involved in appointments every week and practice treatment between appointments. This service is not ideal for caregivers who:

  • Want to focus only on increasing skills (language skills, play skills, social skills), but do not have issues with behaviors targeted for reduction (meltdowns, hitting, screaming, running away, etc.)
  • Want to focus only on behaviors in the school or when the child is with people other than the caregivers.
  • Are not able to currently be active in caregiver training.


How do you determine a treatment plan?

We will start by teaching the caregiver to collect data on their child's behavior, so we can determine why these behaviors might be occurring and which treatment strategies are best.

When developing treatment, we follow an evidence-based treatment package developed for children with autism. However, all treatments are tailored to meet the unique needs of the family and child. The therapist will work in collaboration with the parent to identify the best treatment plan.

When are the appointments?

  • Treatment usually includes 12 to 15 weekly appointments. The exact number of appointments will be tailored to your child’s progress.
  • Each appointment lasts one hour.
  • The parent must be actively involved in each appointment. In most situations, the child must be in the same physical location as the parent during appointments (either in the clinic or at home for virtual appointments).
  • Appointment times start between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.


Where are the sessions located?

  • Telehealth/virtual (with the family and child at their homes)
  • In-clinic appointments at the Marcus Autism Center if needed


What is the attendance policy?

Treatment will only work if caregivers can come to appointments consistently. Once your appointment time is set, it will be at the same day and time for the full treatment. We have a strict no-show and cancellation policy. Services will stop if the following occur:

  • Two no-show appointments, meaning the caregiver does not show up and does not let us know
  • Three cancellations (for any reason) during the admission
  • Caregivers are unable to consistently complete data and practice treatment between appointments


Who must be present during sessions?

In most situations, the child and the caregiver must both be present during appointments, and the caregiver must be able to actively participate.

  • The therapist will act as a coach, helping the caregiver discover what works best for the child.
  • For the best results, the same caregiver(s) should come to every appointment.