About us

The Complex Behavior Support Program treats behaviors that can be challenging for kids and their families, such as tantrums, hurting others, hurting themselves, destroying property, running away and eating things they should not eat. Through research and clinical practice, the Complex Behavior Support Program has developed new approaches for caregivers to use behavioral interventions across many areas of daily life. Our groundbreaking clinical services allowed for the creation of a new program to transition patients back into school and other natural environments.

Our dedication to continuous improvement of our practices resulted in the creation of the Marcus Crisis Prevention Program. This crisis management system uses strategies that decrease reliance on restraint and addresses challenging behavior in a safe and compassionate manner. We also have constructed the only specialized space in the country for assessing and treating elopement or running away from situations.

Our collaboration with a network of clinicians and support programs has allowed our novel strategies to promote the global advancement of behavioral interventions.