About us

Our teachers are passionate about fostering a life-long love for learning in young children. It’s our hope that all of our students grow into compassionate human beings who will make a difference in the world. Our teachers hold many degrees and certificates in early childhood education or development. With decades of combined experience in teaching and fostering social growth in young children, our team is committed to meeting all students where they are, and helping children reach their full potential.

Specialists and education researchers collaborate with our teachers to coach them on inclusive strategies that promote learning and engagement in children with and without autism. In addition, our curriculum reflects current research and best practices in early childhood education. 

The faculty of Marcus Autism Center is at the forefront of recent advances in our understanding of early brain development, including how early experiences shape growth and learning, and how to successfully prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. The Louise and Brett Samsky Preschool harnesses this expertise to carefully observe each child’s interests, strengths and abilities, and to create a classroom that optimizes development and learning for all children.