Toilet Training Program
Reinforcing healthy habits for success in toileting

The Severe Behavior Program offers several treatment options to help your child with toilet training.

Our evidence-based treatment typically consists of:

  • Helping your child with regular trips to the bathroom.
  • Giving positive reinforcement for using the bathroom appropriately.
  • Teaching your child to ask to use the bathroom.

Caregivers will be involved every step of the way to develop at-home support strategies. Most families will start with consultation service and receive personalized care from there.


Toilet Training Consultation Program

What is the Toilet Training Consultation Program?

The consultation focuses on training you and your family to take the necessary steps to successfully toilet train your child. Your participation is required throughout this program. A therapist will train you on strategies to increase your child’s continence and decrease accidents. 

How long does toilet training consultation last?

The appointments are once a week for between three to six weeks. If your child still experiences regular accidents after going through the consultation service, we will then see your child in our two-week Intensive Toileting Training Program.  

Where does Toilet Training Consultation Take Place?

The appointments with the therapist take place at Marcus Autism Center. The therapist will give you strategies to try at home between appointments. 


Intensive Toilet Training Program 

What is the Intensive Toilet Training Program?

This two-week program trains children using consistency and positive reinforcement of appropriate bathroom behavior. Your child will attend the program in the clinic for six hours a day for about 10 days. 

How does this differ from the consultation?

Unlike the consultation program, this two-week program will begin with therapists providing treatment services and support within the clinic. However, we require that you are present for training before discharge. Follow-up services are provided on an as-needed basis. 


Bowel Movement Training Program 

What is the Bowel Movement Training Program?

This two-week program offers interventions designed to treat bowel incontinence. Your child will attend the program in the clinic for up to three hours a day for approximately 10 days. You’re required to be present for training before discharge. Interventions include the use of suppositories, positive reinforcement and consistency to build proper bathroom behavior.

How does this differ from the Consultation and Intensive Training Programs?

This program requires clearance from a medical doctor before your child can participate. You will also be required to collect data before admission to the program. This program is best for children who are not having urine accidents but have a history of constipation or who are not having regular bowel movements in a toilet. 


How do I get started? 

To have your child evaluated by our team, you’ll need a doctor referral and to complete the steps to make a new patient appointment.


Email our team  or call 404-785-4304 for more information.