We want to know how genetics and environmental factors influence brain growth and social visual engagement from birth to 18 months.

Who can participate?

Your children may be eligible to participate if they are a set of identical or non-identical twins, who are less than 9 months old.

Participants cannot have:

  • Significant hearing and/or visual impairments
  • Abnormal eye movements
  • Significant genetic or medical conditions that affect brain development
  • Nonfebrile seizure disorders

What is involved?

Families will be asked to complete questionnaires on their babies and come to Marcus Autism Center to work with our clinicians on developmental assessments. Researchers will take pictures of the babies’ brains (MRI at 5 different time points) and will record their eye gaze (10 different time points).

What will participants receive?

Families will receive feedback from leading clinicians on their growing babies’ development. As a thank-you for participating and helping us learn more about infant development, families will receive $25 per child for each eye-tracking session and $50 per child for each MRI visit.

Sign up now

If you would like to enroll your children in this study or have additional questions – please email us at marcusresearch@choa.org or call 404-785-7600.