We want to understand how motor coordination contributes to autism spectrum disorder.

We hope to build a more comprehensive understanding of motor function, with the goal to aid in the development of future screenings and early intervention in children that are at a high risk for autism.

Who can participate?

Families who have twins under 8.5 months old can participate. There are no exclusion/inclusion criteria for gender or ethnicity. Babies with medical conditions that impact motor function or who were born prematurely cannot participate.

What is involved?

Families will be asked to complete questionnaires about their babies at three different times. There will be two in-person appointments, one that involves play-based activities and another that involves developmental assessments. Babies will wear activity trackers at home at three different times and parents will complete an activity and sleep log.

What will participants receive?

Families will learn more about their babies’ motor skills and receive compensation for their participation. At the 36-month visit, participating families will complete a full developmental assessment.

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If you would like to enroll your child in this study or have additional questions, please email us at marcusresearch@choa.org or call 404-785-7600.